Akiva Bamberger

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2510 Pacific Ave #2 p: 585 708 9662
Venice, CA 90291 e: akiva.bamberger@gmail.com
w: www.qoobster.com

Work Experience

Snapchat Inc. Venice, CA
Software Engineer March 2014 - Present

Google Inc. Mountain View, CA
Software Engineer January 2012 - March 2014

Mobile ads formats (January 2012 - March 2013): Created new mobile ad formats, including confirmed clicks.
Ads infrastructure (March 2013 - Present): Improving the ads frontend server.

My work at Google has involved C++, Javascript, and Android development.

Columbia University, Dept. of Applied Math and Applied Physics New York, NY
Research Assistant Sep 2010 - Feb 2012

Studied the movement of T-cell receptors & simulated the movement of myosin and acting during an immunological response. Studied nanopore sequencing of DNA.

Google Inc, Mountain View, CA
Software Engineering Intern Summer 2010

Designed & implemented Google Health API in Google Docs; crafted Android app to improve Spin Classes using AppEngine, the Android SDK & a simple peak-finding algorithm.

National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) Mountain View, CA
Software Engineering Intern Summer 2009

Designed Java software to improve GUI development for the Mission Control Technologies software. Lots of Swing and JUnit experience.


Columbia University New York, NY
M.S. Computer Science Sep 2010 - Feb 2012

Columbia University New York, NY
B.A. Computer Science/Math (Premed Concentration) Sep 2007 - May 2010

Graduated (in 3 years) cum laude, GPA 3.75 cumulative, 4.12 major
Awarded the Computer Science Department Award and the Certificate of Distinction for Academic Excellence.

Selected Hackathon and Side Projects

DanBamberger (link), a personal website for real estate broker Dan Bamberger.

Law8000 (link), a website for the law firm of Parisi and Bellavia.

Bubble Racer (link, press), a hackathon-winning Android app, letting people play HTML5 games face-to-face on their Android devices.

EQ Test (link), a multilingual Android game for the ATT Autism Speaks Hackathon, letting players evaluate how well they can understand emotions.

Cat Facts (press), a website to let people send cat facts to friends every 4 hours.

From before January 2012

Application Development Initiative (link), a community-building initiative to get Columbia students to build cool apps outside of class.

HackNY (link), a hackathon and fellowship program to get NYC students involved with startups and working on cool projects.

Bits and Pieces (link), a column about technology in the Columbia Spectator

WeSoSmart (link, press), a website to help with book trading at Columbia.

MIDILC (link, report), a language that lets one write MIDI music in code.


Comfortable in: Javascript, Java, Python, Perl, C++, SQL
Have built things using: C, Objective-C, MATLAB, Lisp, Latex, PHP, OCaml
Things I like: Google AppEngine, Amazon EC2, jQuery, OpenCV, Google Closure, MongoDB, Web and Android development, Protobufs

Languages: Intermediate German, Beginner Hebrew